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Setting Expectations For Your Teen Driver

Adding a new teen driver to your auto insurance can be an enlightening experience. It can also be a maturing and learning opportunity for your teen. If you live in the Falcon, CO area, Pikes Peak Insurance Agency can help.

Keys to a better experience can include setting appropriate expectations for teens.

Emphasize Keeping a Clean Driving Record

New driver-moving violations can carry severe penalties. These may not only include limited driving privileges but also an increase in insurance rates. Have a serious sit-down discussion with your teen about how critical it is for them to drive safely and obey traffic laws.


Understanding Insurance Responsibility

While it may not be an option to have your teen pay for their own auto insurance coverage, they should bear at least some small responsibility. This may be through maintaining good grades or additional chores at home.

Understanding The Situation Can Be Temporary

Both you and your teen should understand the critical importance of these first few years of driving. Set guidelines for when your teen can drive and how many passengers are appropriate. Discuss the dangers of distracted driving. This is more than a parent being a parent. It is about guiding your teen into responsible adulthood.

Insist on a “Safe” Car”

Cars with good safety ratings can translate to lower rates and safer travel. Set expectations that, as long as they keep their driving record ticket and accident-free, a sportier car may be earned as they prove themselves.

Explore Your Options

At Pikes Peak Insurance Agency, we serve Falcon, CO area families with car insurance for everyone. We can search for offers like those that may be available for multi-car families and good students. We may even be able to help with bundling. Reach out to us to discuss your teen driver and to get an auto insurance quote.

Set the right expectations for your teen driver and set them on the road to safe and responsible driving.