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Why You Need Boat Insurance

If you are a boat owner, you need to have boat insurance to protect yourself and your watercraft. It isn’t required by law in Colorado to have boat insurance, but it’s smart to always have it in place. If you don’t have boat insurance for protection, you could face financial ruin in the event of a boat accident. If you’re in need of boat insurance, call us at Pikes Peak Insurance Agency in Falcon, CO.

Boating Accidents

You might not think too much about boating accidents, but they can and do happen. It’s important to be prepared in case such an accident happens to you. There are different forms of boat coverage that pay out depending on who caused the accident. One of the most important types of coverage to get is liability. If you were to cause a boating accident, you would be responsible for paying for the repairs the other party needs as well as their medical bills from the resulting injuries. You need to have both bodily injury liability coverage and property damage liability coverage. These are the bare minimum that every boater should have. Without them, they would be stuck paying for all of those bills out of pocket. 

Other Coverage Types

You can also get comprehensive coverage that covers your boat against damage and other risks that exist when the boat isn’t in the water. There is also collision coverage. This pays for the damage to your own boat that happens in an accident. In addition, you can get coverage for your personal belongings and equipment that are in the boat and get ruined. It’s a good idea to have all of these coverage types so that you have peace of mind and protection against financial risks. 

Get Boat Insurance

To get your boat policy, call us at Pikes Peak Insurance Agency in Falcon, CO.