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Do Young People Still Need Life Insurance?

If you’re in the Falcon, CO area and have questions about life insurance, Pikes Peak Insurance Agency can help. We know the value of this kind of insurance and how important it is for you to get your questions about it answered. Then, you can choose a policy with confidence and know you’re protecting your family in the event of your death. Even if you’re young, the unexpected can still happen. That’s why a life policy is important for people of nearly any age.

When you choose a policy that covers your life, you’re really ensuring that your family or other loved ones will be fully protected from asset loss after you pass away. If you’re the primary support for your family, for example, they may be unable to maintain their current standard of living without your help. Our agents can help you determine the level of policy you should have.

There’s a lot to consider with a life policy since there are a couple of different types and many different coverage levels. Some companies require more information than others to insure you, and working with an agent can allow you to choose the best policy for your current and future needs.

Contact us at Pikes Peak Insurance Agency today if you’re in the Falcon, CO area and looking for a life insurance policy. We’re here to help you choose the type and level of coverage you need, so you’re protecting your family for the long term. Once you have a policy in place, we’ll also help you update it anytime you need to, such as after a big life event. That enables you to keep your peace of mind, knowing you have the coverage you need for any stage in life.

Setting Expectations For Your Teen Driver

Adding a new teen driver to your auto insurance can be an enlightening experience. It can also be a maturing and learning opportunity for your teen. If you live in the Falcon, CO area, Pikes Peak Insurance Agency can help.

Keys to a better experience can include setting appropriate expectations for teens.

Emphasize Keeping a Clean Driving Record

New driver-moving violations can carry severe penalties. These may not only include limited driving privileges but also an increase in insurance rates. Have a serious sit-down discussion with your teen about how critical it is for them to drive safely and obey traffic laws.


Understanding Insurance Responsibility

While it may not be an option to have your teen pay for their own auto insurance coverage, they should bear at least some small responsibility. This may be through maintaining good grades or additional chores at home.

Understanding The Situation Can Be Temporary

Both you and your teen should understand the critical importance of these first few years of driving. Set guidelines for when your teen can drive and how many passengers are appropriate. Discuss the dangers of distracted driving. This is more than a parent being a parent. It is about guiding your teen into responsible adulthood.

Insist on a “Safe” Car”

Cars with good safety ratings can translate to lower rates and safer travel. Set expectations that, as long as they keep their driving record ticket and accident-free, a sportier car may be earned as they prove themselves.

Explore Your Options

At Pikes Peak Insurance Agency, we serve Falcon, CO area families with car insurance for everyone. We can search for offers like those that may be available for multi-car families and good students. We may even be able to help with bundling. Reach out to us to discuss your teen driver and to get an auto insurance quote.

Set the right expectations for your teen driver and set them on the road to safe and responsible driving.

Three Different Types of RV Insurance Available to You in Colorado

When you think of an RV, the classic rolling hotel room that dads fill up with their families for road trip vacations comes to mind. The truth is many types of vehicles can fit under the umbrella of "recreational vehicle". At Pikes Peak Insurance Agency, we have a number of Falcon, CO customers who want to cover their fifth wheel, camper van, travel trailer, or motorhome.

Just like RVs, there are many kinds of insurance you can get for them. The following are three kinds of RV insurance to consider. 

Three Types of RV Insurance 

1. Full-Time Coverage

 If you are a person who uses your RV as your primary residence, get full-time coverage for your RV. This is basically like homeowner’s coverage for your recreational vehicle. It covers emergency expenses, medical bills, personal liability for things that happen in or near the RV, and coverage for fees that an HOA charges for damages in common areas in an RV park or neighborhood. Your RV is covered both when it’s on the road and when it is parked with this coverage. 

2. Contents Coverage

 If you have an RV in Falcon, CO with valuable things inside of it, consider contents coverage. This protects you if the belongings in your RV are stolen. It can also guard you against vandalism in your recreational vehicle. With this, you won’t need renter’s insurance on your RV. 

3. Roadside Assistance

 Include roadside assistance in your coverage if you are on the road a lot. You will get help if your RV breaks down or you need a tire changed while traveling. There are a lot of things that can go wrong in an RV, and this helps prevent emergencies while you are traveling. 

Call Today To Discuss Your Options

If you are on the hunt for quality RV insurance, give us a call at Pikes Peak Insurance Agency. We have helped several customers in the Falcon, CO area properly cover their recreational vehicles. 

Riding Together: Understanding Motorcycle Insurance for Group Rides

Embarking on thrilling group rides or joining a motorcycle club adds camaraderie to the open road. As your Falcon, CO motorcycle insurance advisor, Pikes Peak Insurance Agency delves into the unique considerations when riding with a group and highlights the balance between group policies and individual coverage.

Group Dynamics: Exploring Insurance Considerations

When riders unite, insurance dynamics shift. Group rides may present a shared experience, but individual circumstances vary. It’s essential to understand the collective and individual aspects of coverage.

Potential Benefits of Group Policies: Unity in Protection

Group insurance policies can offer advantages. They may provide cost savings and streamlined administration. In some cases, a group policy might include benefits tailored to the collective needs of the riders, fostering a sense of unity and shared responsibility.

Importance of Individual Coverage: Tailoring Protection to You

While group policies have merits, they may not fully address individual needs. Every rider has unique circumstances, from the type of motorcycle they ride to their personal riding history. Individual coverage allows riders to tailor protection to their specific requirements.

Balancing Act: Optimizing Group and Individual Coverage

Optimal protection often involves a combination of group and individual coverage. Group policies offer a foundation, but riders should supplement these with individual plans to ensure personalized protection that aligns with their distinct situations.

Group rides epitomize the spirit of community, and insurance should reflect this unity while respecting individuality. By blending the benefits of group policies with individual coverage, riders can hit the road confidently, knowing they have a comprehensive safety net tailored to both the collective and the individual. If you’re looking to purchase motorcycle insurance in the greater Falcon, CO region, let the professionals at Pikes Peak Insurance Agency assist you.  

Influencers and Insurance: What You Need to Know

More and more people are turning to social media as a side gig, posting content and building followers. While influencers gain access to additional streams of income, they’re also subject to added risk. At Pikes Peak Insurance Agency in Falcon, CO, we help social media influencers secure the coverage they need to protect themselves from theft, lawsuits, and more. Here’s what you need to know. 

Why do influencers need insurance?

Influencers are at higher risk of loss for a number of reasons: 

  • anyone who is well-known and perceived to have wealth is at higher risk of being sued, and insurance can provide protection for public figures at higher risk of lawsuit
  • because influencers often share their thoughts and opinions publicly, they’re at higher risk of unintentionally committing defamation or being accused of defamation – both of which can come with costly consequences without adequate protection
  • many social media influencers use expensive electronic equipment (or have expensive products on hand) and are at risk of theft or loss

Influencers who are especially successful may need specialty insurance because of their net worth; anyone whose net worth exceeds $500,000 can typically benefit from additional insurance.

What kind of insurance do influencers need?

In addition to general liability insurance, influencers often benefit from umbrella insurance, which covers costs above your general liability limits. The best way to determine the right insurance for your specific business is to meet with a qualified insurance agent. 

To learn more about umbrella insurance or get a quote, visit with us at Pikes Peak Insurance Agency in Falcon, CO today. We take protecting influencers seriously – so you can focus on building your reach. 

Why You Need Boat Insurance

If you are a boat owner, you need to have boat insurance to protect yourself and your watercraft. It isn’t required by law in Colorado to have boat insurance, but it’s smart to always have it in place. If you don’t have boat insurance for protection, you could face financial ruin in the event of a boat accident. If you’re in need of boat insurance, call us at Pikes Peak Insurance Agency in Falcon, CO.

Boating Accidents

You might not think too much about boating accidents, but they can and do happen. It’s important to be prepared in case such an accident happens to you. There are different forms of boat coverage that pay out depending on who caused the accident. One of the most important types of coverage to get is liability. If you were to cause a boating accident, you would be responsible for paying for the repairs the other party needs as well as their medical bills from the resulting injuries. You need to have both bodily injury liability coverage and property damage liability coverage. These are the bare minimum that every boater should have. Without them, they would be stuck paying for all of those bills out of pocket. 

Other Coverage Types

You can also get comprehensive coverage that covers your boat against damage and other risks that exist when the boat isn’t in the water. There is also collision coverage. This pays for the damage to your own boat that happens in an accident. In addition, you can get coverage for your personal belongings and equipment that are in the boat and get ruined. It’s a good idea to have all of these coverage types so that you have peace of mind and protection against financial risks. 

Get Boat Insurance

To get your boat policy, call us at Pikes Peak Insurance Agency in Falcon, CO.

What Are The Benefits of Having Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is not a mandatory type of insurance, and most people skip it. However, it is also like a safety net that offers protection beyond the limits of your standard insurance policies. Pikes Peak Insurance Agency in Falcon, CO  is here to assist. The following is a list of the benefits of umbrella insurance that make it a valuable and beneficial investment. 

Benefits of Umbrella Insurance

The benefits are the following:

  • Expanded liability coverage. Umbrella insurance offers an extra layer of liability coverage that goes beyond the limits of your auto, home, or other primary insurance policies. It can be especially beneficial if you face a major accident and the costs of it go beyond the standard coverage you carry.
  • Wide coverage. Umbrella insurance covers many different things. Libel, slander, property damage, personal injury claims, and false arrest  – all are typically covered by umbrella plans. With such extensive coverage, you will have the peace of mind you need. 
  • Protection for high-risk activities. Umbrella insurance can provide additional security if you partake in activities with high liability risks, such as organizing events, owning a swimming pool, or playing leisure sports.
  • Legal fees coverage and other costs. Umbrella insurance can also help pay for court costs, attorney fees, and other lawsuit-related expenditures.
  • Worldwide coverage. Umbrella insurance also provides global coverage, which is beneficial for those who travel overseas a lot or own a property in a different country. 

Schedule A Consultation Today!

If you live in Falcon, CO or any other surrounding area, and you are thinking of purchasing umbrella insurance, Pikes Peak Insurance Agency is here to help you. We specialize in different types of insurance, including umbrella insurance as well. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or need help finding the perfect insurance plan for you. 

A History of Floods in the United States

The United States is a vast country with a diverse geography. Natural disasters, unfortunately, are common and affect many communities each year. Among the most serious natural disasters are floods. As a result, it’s crucial for families, businesses, and other property owners to take out flood insurance. Contact the Pikes Peak Insurance Agency, serving the Falcon, CO metroplex, to learn more about flood insurance. For now, let’s take a look at the history of floods in the United States.

A History of Floods

The Johnstown Flood of 1889

One of the deadliest floods in American history, the Johnstown Flood claimed 2,209 lives in Pennsylvania. The flood occurred after days of heavy rain overpowered the South Fork Dam, located about 14 miles upstream of Johnstown. When the dam burst, a massive wall of water barreled into Johnstown at the rate of about 40 miles per hour.

The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927

One of the most widespread floods in the history of the United States, the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 caused over a billion dollars in damage and broke levees in over a hundred places. Hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes, and several hundred died. This flood built slowly over the course of several months, causing the Mississippi River to swell beyond its banks.

Flooding Caused by Hurricane Katrina

Hurricanes often cause flooding because they can dump massive amounts of water on land and can also cause storm surges that push ocean water inland. Hurricane Katrina (2005) ranks among the deadliest and most damaging natural disasters in history. Over 75 percent of New Orleans was flooded, and many outlying areas were also swamped. Ultimately, over a thousand people were killed by the hurricane, and roughly $100 billion in damages were incurred, although not all of it was due to flooding.

Reach Out To Us

Floods can strike anywhere, including in Colorado. Get in touch with the Pikes Peak Insurance Agency in Falcon, CO to learn more about flood insurance.

The difference between a condo unit policy and a master policy

A condo unit policy and a master policy from Pikes Peak Insurance Agency both cover different aspects of a condominium association here in the Falcon, CO area, but the differences between them can be confusing. 

A condo unit policy is specific to each individual unit owner and covers the interior of their unit in case of damage or destruction caused by an event such as fire, vandalism, theft, or another peril. It also provides coverage for any personal property contained within the unit as well as personal liability protection to the individual unit owner.

In contrast, a master policy is designed to cover the common areas and exterior of all units owned by a condominium association. This includes anything that is shared by multiple owners such as hallways, lobbies, pool areas, elevators, etc., as well as any general liability coverage for accidents that occur on shared property. 

It’s important to understand the differences between a condo unit policy and a master policy when selecting insurance for your condominium association. A master policy covers what all of the individual owners together share in terms of common areas that may not be covered under individual policies. However, it’s important to remember that neither type of insurance replaces one another; each owner needs to have their own condo unit policy and the condominium association should maintain its own master policy for added protection.

Reach Out To Us

For more information, give us at Pikes Peak Insurance Agency a call today. We are proud to serve the Falcon, CO area and would be happy to help you find a condo policy that meets your specific needs as well as your budget. So don’t wait! Call us today!

Types of Life Insurance Policies

Life insurance policies are created specifically to provide financial support to the beneficiaries of a policyholder in the event of their death. There is an array of different types of life insurance policies you can choose from to suit the specific needs and goals that you have.

The agents at Pikes Peak Insurance Agency serving the Falcon, CO area want you to know about the most common types of life insurance policies you can pick from, and a detailed list has been provided for you below.

Common Types of Life Insurance Policies

Term Life Insurance:

This type of policy provides coverage for a specific term, usually ranging from 1 to 30 years. If the policyholder outlives the term, the coverage ends, or another policy must be created with a new term.

Whole Life Insurance:

This type of policy offers coverage for the entire lifespan of the policyholder. This is the most popular type of life insurance policy since you can borrow money against the cash value of your policy, which can assist you in paying off certain bills, such as your mortgage or vehicle before you pass away. This leaves your family with less stress and more time to grieve and heal after your death without having to worry about paying major bills.

Universal Life Insurance:

This type of policy offers the flexibility to adjust the premium payments and death benefits over time. This means you can increase or decrease the coverage amount and premium payments to coincide with your and your family’s changing needs.

Contact Us Today

To create the best life insurance policy for you and your family, contact the life insurance agents at Pikes Peak Insurance Agency serving the Falcon, CO area today!