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Commercial Insurance in Colorado

Ever thought about what would happen if disaster struck your business? Do you have the financial backing to reopen your business and continue operations? Many businesses don’t, which is why they purchase commercial insurance to help them protect their assets.

At Pikes Peak Insurance Agency in Falcon, CO, we offer multiple types of commercial insurance to help safeguard your business from a host of threats, including the following:

Liability Insurance

An accident can easily happen on your business premises. More and more businesses are sued after an accident, which could lead to millions of dollars in settlement money. Even if you win your court case, your business will still have to cover court costs and legal fees. With liability insurance, it is possible that your insurance policy will help cover the costs when you experience a qualified loss. By partnering with us, we help you protect your business with commercial liability insurance.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Nearly every business relies on transportation during the day. If you have commercial vehicles you use to transact business, then you need commercial auto insurance. Commercial auto insurance may provide your business with more coverage options than a typical personal auto insurance policy.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Depending on the type of business you have, you need workers’ compensation insurance per legal requirements. With workers’ compensation insurance in place, you protect both your business and your employees. Instead of being sued for on-the-job accidents or illness stemming from working environments, your workers’ compensation insurance may help you cover the cost of an accident by making payments to your employee.

Property Insurance

Severe weather and fires can happen at any time. When a disaster of this magnitude affects your business, the costs can exceed your business’ budget easily. Fortunately, with property insurance, we may be able to help you restore your property and put your workers back to work.

When you are ready to get the coverage that you need to secure the future of your Colorado business, give us a call at Pikes Peak Insurance Agency in Falcon, CO. You can also get a quote for auto and home insurance by using our online rating tool.

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Falcon, CO 80831

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