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4 Key Areas Covered by Motorcycle Insurance

Whether you use your bike to commute, run errands, or conquer Falcon, CO roads on the weekend, you need motorcycle insurance from Pikes Peak Insurance Agency. Insuring your two-wheeler is not only mandatory in Colorado but protects you financially when you least expect it.

Wondering what exactly motorcycle insurance covers?

Here are 4 key areas covered by bike insurance:

Liability protection

When using your bike, you may cause an accident that leads to bodily injury or property damage to others. Without insurance, you are responsible for these third-party costs, most likely from your pocket. However, this shouldn’t be much of a headache if you have motorcycle insurance.

Asset protection

Motorcycle insurance compensates you if your bike is damaged. While motorcycle insurance doesn’t prevent perils from striking, it ensures you don’t face the financial consequences alone. Getting sufficient comprehensive and collision coverage isn’t an option if you treasure your bike. This ensures you can replace your bike when the worst happens.

Medical expenses coverage

A minor bike accident may lead to serious injuries, and that’s why you need proper insurance coverage to cover your medical expenses when accidents occur. MedPay or PIP covers your medical expenses and those of your passengers without considering the person responsible for the accident.

Roadside assistance

If your bike stalls miles away from your residence, motorcycle insurance ensures you don’t remain stranded for long. The roadside assistance coverage offers puncture repair, gas delivery, battery jump starting, towing, and other services to ensure you are out of your predicament.

Motorcycle insurance in Falcon, CO

Whether you use your bike throughout or during weekends only, you must consider motorcycle insurance to bail you out when the worst happens. If you are in Falcon, CO and its environs, please contact Pikes Peak Insurance Agency today. We will offer you a motorcycle insurance policy that meets your unique needs.