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Reasons you need flood insurance

You do what you can to take care of your home and protect it. You have homeowners insurance, which is a start, but often it isn’t enough to protect you from all the possible problems owning a home might run you into. One is flooding. Flood insurance is a critical form of insurance you absolutely need to consider, as it is so much more than just protecting your property in the event of a massive flood. So, if you live around CO, and own your home, Pikes Peak Insurance Agency can help protect your property with several insurance options, including flood insurance.

It Covers Burst Pipes

So maybe you’re not worried about flooding, and perhaps the way snow melts around your house doesn’t lend it to possible flooding. That’s great, but you do have pipes, and a frozen pipe can do just as much if not more damage to your property than any natural flooding can. So, protect yourself in the event of a burst pipe and opt for flood insurance.

Putting Out A Fire

Yes, problems with flooding are one issue you may not consider when it comes to fires. The water used to put out smaller house fires may actually cause more damage than the fire itself. Flood insurance will help protect you from this kind of damage. It also will help with removing mold that is caused by flooding.

Protect Your Home With Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is just one of the many forms of home insurance you need to consider. But is it right for you? Let the staff at Pikes Peak Insurance Agency work with you to help determine this. If you own a home and live in greater CO, there’s never been a better time to contact the insurance team than right now.