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Protecting Your Property | Flood Preparedness and Insurance Insights for Falcon, CO

Understanding the Importance and Need for Flood Insurance in Falcon, CO

Water is essential for life, but uncontrolled can lead to devastating situations. Even minor flooding can result in extensive property damage, stressing the importance of being flood-prepared with adequate insurance. At Pikes Peak Insurance Agency, we aim to ensure homeowners in Falcon, CO, fully understand their flood insurance obligations.

Flood Insurance – Essential Protection for All

A prevalent misconception regarding flood insurance is that only residents of floodplains require it. However, the NOAA National Severe Storm Laboratory reports that floods account for more fatalities each year than tornadoes, lightning, or hurricanes.

Ensuring Adequate Coverage

As FEMA emphasizes, even an inch of water can wreak havoc. Standard homeowner’s policies often do not cover floods. To prepare for any severe weather, you will need to secure a separate and comprehensive flood insurance policy.

Reliable Coverage with Pikes Peak Insurance Agency

We understand the insurance needs of our customers in and around Falcon, CO. With Pikes Peak Insurance Agency, you’ll receive reliable insurance coverage designed to weather life’s unexpected storms.