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Motorcycle Insurance for Bikers in Colorado

Motorcycle insurance is a must for any rider in Colorado. The countryside offers beautiful scenery and many opportunities to enjoy the open road on two wheels. However, biking on Colorado highways and scenic roads has its share of risks. Hazardous road conditions for bikers can include more than motorcycle accidents.

Why Bikers Need Motorcycle Insurance 

Today’s long-distance bikers are up against severe weather conditions, wildlife crossings, and many other dangers that motorcycle riders face every day. It is important to have the right motorcycle insurance coverage to protect you and your bike in the event of an unexpected mishap that leads to damage, injury, or financial loss.

Colorado law requires all motorcyclists to carry liability insurance in order to ride legally on public roads.

Colorado Motorcycle Insurance: Liability vs. Comp and Collision

Liability motorcycle insurance coverage protects you financially if you’re found at fault for an accident that causes injury or property damage. Colorado-area bikers should know that liability insurance only goes so far. This means it won’t pay for your own injuries or damage to your bike if you’re in a motorcycle accident.

Talk to an experienced motorcycle insurance agent at Pikes Peak Insurance in Falcon, CO. Our licensed insurance agents can talk to you about why riders should also carry comprehensive and collision coverage in addition to liability. Your trusted agent can explain how this optional coverage will help you financially if you’re involved in an accident — no matter who is at fault.

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No one wants to think about being in a motorcycle accident. But if it happens, you’ll be glad you have the right insurance coverage in place. Don’t wait until it’s too late – get protected today with a free motorcycle insurance quote from Pikes Peak Insurance Agency in Falcon, CO!