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Who can benefit from umbrella insurance

Excess liability insurance is an extra layer of liability insurance that bolsters up liability coverage you already have on a policy you carry. For example, auto insurance may have 250,000 in liability coverage, but an excess liability policy can bring that up to 1 million or more. At Pikes Peak Insurance Agency in Falcon, CO, we are a family-owned independent insurance agency serving the local community since 2005. We believe in finding the best coverage for our customers at a great price. 

Umbrella insurance is excess liability coverage. It can benefit anyone who has any assets. When you have assets, they are always at risk in the event of a judgment against you. That is why you have liability insurance on your home, auto, business, and more. When someone is injured by you or by a member of your family, they may opt to sue you. Depending on the severity of the injury and the size of the judgment, this can be a costly situation. You will also have legal fees that need to be paid. 

Most liability insurance that comes with your policy can be adequate if you have limited assets. But, many people have some accumulated wealth. It can be in a home you own, personal possessions you have acquired, or savings you are putting aside for your future. All of these could be at risk if you get sued. This is where the umbrella coverage steps in and adds a layer of protection to your assets. Umbrella coverage usually begins at about a million dollars but can be as high as five million. Basically speaking, if you have any assets, you can benefit from umbrella insurance. 

Contact Pikes Peak Insurance Agency in Falcon, CO for more information about umbrella insurance and how it can benefit you. 

Who needs boat insurance in Colorado?

When you are in the Falcon, CO area, there are many fun recreational activities to enjoy all year. While this includes skiing in the winter, it also includes enjoying all the local lakes in the summer. For those in this area of the state, getting a boat can be a great option if you fully enjoy the area. Along with a boat, people need to have boat insurance for a few reasons.

Insurance Protects Assets

A key reason that anyone here is going to need to have a boat insurance plan is to help protect their assets. Those who would like to have this insurance protection will know that they will have the support needed to repair or replace their boat after an accident or if it is stolen and incur a loss. 

Boat Insurance is Required in Many Cases

There are also many cases when having this coverage is a requirement. Boat owners worldwide will need to have coverage if they have taken out a boat loan from a lender with insurance requirements. Further, some local marinas and access points will require all owners to carry boat insurance as long as they use their boat in these areas.

If you are interested in getting a boat in the Falcon, CO area and need a new boat insurance plan, it would be helpful to call Pikes Peak Insurance Agency. The insurance professionals with Pikes Peak Insurance Agency can help you determine what your boat insurance needs are. They can then give you the additional support and guidance that you will need to choose a plan that will keep you in full compliance and protect you and your boat. 

Reasons you need flood insurance

You do what you can to take care of your home and protect it. You have homeowners insurance, which is a start, but often it isn’t enough to protect you from all the possible problems owning a home might run you into. One is flooding. Flood insurance is a critical form of insurance you absolutely need to consider, as it is so much more than just protecting your property in the event of a massive flood. So, if you live around Falcon, CO, and own your home, Pikes Peak Insurance Agency can help protect your property with several insurance options, including flood insurance. 

It Covers Burst Pipes

So maybe you’re not worried about flooding, and perhaps the way snow melts around your house doesn’t lend it to possible flooding. That’s great, but you do have pipes, and a frozen pipe can do just as much if not more damage to your property than any natural flooding can. So, protect yourself in the event of a burst pipe and opt for flood insurance. 

Putting Out A Fire

Yes, problems with flooding are one issue you may not consider when it comes to fires. The water used to put out smaller house fires may actually cause more damage than the fire itself. Flood insurance will help protect you from this kind of damage. It also will help with removing mold that is caused by flooding. 

Protect Your Home With Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is just one of the many forms of home insurance you need to consider. But is it right for you? Let the staff at Pikes Peak Insurance Agency work with you to help determine this. If you own a home and live in greater Falcon, CO, there’s never been a better time to contact the insurance team than right now. 

Who would benefit by getting condo insurance?

Owning a condo is a great housing option for people that are in the Falcon, CO area. When you are a condo owner, you will enjoy many of the tax advantages and other homeownership benefits that any property owner will receive. However, you will also enjoy more amenities, including better security and onsite services that come with condo living. If you do purchase a condo here, you also need to get the right insurance for it, as you can benefit from a condo insurance policy in several ways.

Insurance Protects Investment

A reason that people benefit from having condo coverage is that the insurance plan can protect their investment. If you buy a condo, you will have to put down a payment and will want your investment to pay off in the future. With condo coverage, you will receive protection so you can repair your condo if it is damaged, which ultimately protects this investment.

Insurance Helps Provide Compliance

You should also get condo coverage as it can help you to stay in compliance. Most condo owners have a variety of insurance requirements. Those that live in larger associations or have taken out a mortgage will have specific insurance guidelines that need to be followed. A full condo policy can ensure you receive this coverage. 

Those that get condo insurance will benefit in a range of different ways. When you are shopping for condo insurance in the Falcon, CO area, it would be a good idea for you to call the Pikes Peak Insurance Agency. When you speak with Pikes Peak Insurance Agency, you will learn a lot about how this insurance can protect you. The team can then help you build a policy that will offer the right protection for your situation. 

What type of life insurance should I get?

There are many insurance needs and options that the typical person in the Falcon, CO area will have. If you are in this area of Colorado, one significant form of insurance to acquire is life insurance. This type of insurance can provide financial protection to those that you care about. When shopping for this insurance, there are a few different options available that should be carefully assessed.

Whole Life

One type of coverage to consider is a whole life policy. When you get this type of coverage, the policy will go for as long as you want, as long as you stay current on monthly payments. Another advantage of it is that it can be a good investment option as some of your payments will build into an account that you can liquidate in the future. 

Term Life

Another type of policy to consider getting is term life. When you get this insurance, it will provide you with coverage for a specific period of time. You will have the flexibility to choose a policy based on term length that gives you the coverage you need. Another advantage of term coverage is that the payments tend to be more affordable. This allows you to get the most amount of coverage possible. However, this coverage does not provide any investment benefits. 

As you start shopping for insurance in the Falcon, CO area, you may find that picking a policy is confusing. When you are evaluating your needs and options, you should call the Pikes Peak Insurance Agency. If you call the Pikes Peak Insurance Agency team, you will learn more about the different options you have. This can help you determine what type of coverage is right for you. 

What auto insurance coverage is required in Colorado

Driving is a privilege that, as Americans, we take for granted. If you live anywhere, but in a large city, you probably have limited public transportation access, making your own vehicle necessary. With a vehicle come requirements such as upkeep and state-mandated insurance coverage. Pikes Peak Insurance Agency in Falcon, CO is locally owned and operated and has been serving this area of Colorado for 15 years. 

Colorado requires you to carry liability insurance. Liability protects the other driver in an accident where you are the at-fault driver. Liability insurance helps to pay for the medical bills of someone injured, but it also allows payment for a pain and suffering suit and damage to personal property. The dollar amount of insurance residents must carry $25,000 for the injures of one person with up to $50,000 for any single accident with multiple injuries and $15,000 for the property damaged. 

This is fundamental coverage, as anyone who has been to an emergency room can tell you, especially if a legal case is filed against you. The property limit is also not enough to replace a new car. While you may not need to have more coverage legally, you may very well want to add additional coverage to protect yourself. 

If you are leasing a vehicle or have a car loan, you will need to have additional insurance required by the lessor or lender. They need to protect your vehicle, which they have a vested interest in. 

When you are looking for an independent insurance agent who will be there for you today and when you need to file a claim, Pikes Peak Insurance Agency in Falcon, CO is the one to consider. Please stop into our office or give us a call to get a no-obligation quote. 

3 Ways to Keep Your Business Secure from Internet Scams

The agents of Pikes Peak Insurance Agency offer Colorado business owners commercial insurance policies designed to protect every aspect of their livelihood. Internet scams are just one of the many ways businesses are targeted. There are several things you can do to secure your business and minimize your risk of financial loss. 

Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication takes using a traditional password a step further. In addition to a password, the second form of authentication is required, normally in the form of a fingerprint or a code sent to your email or smartphone. Both are unique to the user and are often changed frequently to prevent others from using them. Keycards and security questions are also used, depending on the level of security desired.

Maintain a Secure WiFi Network

Maintaining a secure WiFi network is also essential. Protect your network with a unique password that is only available to your staff. It’s also a good idea to purchase a reputable anti-virus program to keep malware and spyware at bay. A secure network protects not only your business but also your employees as well.

Avoid Opening Suspicious Emails or Attachments

One of the easiest ways for a hacker or scammer to get into your system is through the use of attachments sent in emails and text messages. If you don’t recognize the sender or understand what is being offered in the content, do not open the attachment. If there are any questions concerning emails, it is often a good idea to leave them unopened.

Colorado business owners can rely on Pikes Peak Insurance Agency agents to assist them in keeping their company’s secured and protected from internet scams. Call the office at your earliest convenience to find out different ways you can keep your business out of the crosshairs of hackers and scammers. 

3 Ways to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents in Your Home

Slip and fall accidents are preventable around the home. Taking the time to go through your home and make a few minor adjustments is the best way to keep your family members safe. The agents of Pikes Peak Insurance Agency serve Colorado residents by offering them ideas and suggestions on how to keep their homes as secure as possible.

Widen Walkways

Widen walkways by moving furniture farther apart. Having ample room to walk without running into a table leg or the arm of a chair means less risk of being thrown off balance. Wider walkways also make it easier for someone who must use a cane, walker, or wheelchair to navigate their way through their home.

Eliminate Throw Rugs and Extension Cords

Throw rugs and extension cords are common culprits when it comes to slip and fall accidents. Throw rugs can bunch up, and extension cords are easily get caught on toes as you walk by. Both can be extremely dangerous and result in major injuries if left unattended.

Wipe Up Spills Immediately

Spilling water or other liquids on your floor can lead to disaster. Even small spots of water can lead to a slip and fall accident. Wipe up spills as soon as they occur and if you have mopped the floor, make sure to block access to it until it has dried thoroughly.

In Colorado, the agents of Pikes Peak Insurance Agency are always available to help their clients discover new ways to protect their home and family from accidents around the house. The advice they offer is meant to help keep homes safe and secure. If you would like to learn more about avoiding slip and fall accidents, call the office and schedule an appointment with an agent. We have many of the answers you need to keep your home and family safe.

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